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Producing 80-90 bu/acre Vision Hard Winter Wheats

Producing 80 – 90 bu/acre Vision Hard Winter Wheats

By Dr. Dan Brann and Paul Davis*

Vision – Is a Hard Red Winter Wheat (Bread Wheat), early maturing, good yield potential, relatively short (32” tall), lodging rating 1.2 (0-9), excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew, moderate resistance to BYDV, stem rust and good tolerance to head scab.

Planting – 25 - 30 seeds (treated)/row ft. – at least 30 when late planting (ideal planting time October 15 - 25 in Coastal Plains region)

Soil Considerations:

pH 5.8 - 6.8

Drainage Good well drained soils

Fertility Follow soil test recommendations + Sulfur

Nitrogen UPTAKE 90 bu/ac = 140 - 160 lbs/a (split applications recommended

GS 25 and GS 30) Mid Feb and early April most years

Lodging: Stand ability is good but a growth regulator should be considered if crop is very thick and rainfall is plentiful

Fungicide: Seed treatment will already control early Powdery Mildew, scout for stem rust, and be prepared to treat at flowering for reduced risk of Head Scab

Insecticide: Seed treatment will control aphids that spread BYDV in the fall, scout for aphids and central leaf beetles in the spring

Note: Producing high wheat yields is primarily related to developing 50 -70 heads/sq. ft., with 30 -40 kernels/head, of plump heavy kernels. Fall and early spring tillers produce more kernels/head and a deeper root system than spring developed tillers. The maximum number of kernels/head is determined at the jointing stage (GS 30). Adequate nitrogen is essential at this time especially achieving the heads/sq. ft. and kernels/head.

*Dan - Virginia Farmer and retired Extension Grain Specialist – Virginia Tech, and Paul – Virginia Farmer and retired Extension County Agent

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