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Small Grain: Concluded

Small grain harvest concluded around July 1st here in Virginia. Yields were slightly above average and quality is good. VIPG has Hulless Barley (Amaze 10), which is used for animal feed and in tests has done as well as corn in feeding tests. VIPG also produces seed for the production of Hard Red Winter Wheat (HRW) which is used to make flour and is sold to Mennel Milling in Roanoke and West Point Virginia. Our varieties include Vision 45, Vision 50 and 5210 HR. Yields and quality is very comparable to Soft Red Winter Wheat (SRW) and premium for HRW is $0.55 above local posted SRW price. Recently VIPG has looked into growing a malting barley called Violetta. It has yielded well in eastern Virginia and quality is good. Intensive management is strongly suggested when growing malting barley; as high quality is required by malters and brewers.

For more information about these products and about VIPG, call 804-832-6550 or email

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